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Drone 2 Door from Kronos Group brings you the next BIG thing: home delivery services with drones. The company operates with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority in Israel and with collaboration with Flytrex company, working in the US and Iceland.


How it works?

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The shipping box is attached to the drone's shield and ensures that your shipment reaches its destination exactly as it is packed.

The Shipment lands in your backyard

An electric winch with a steel cable installed in the drone drop your shipment gently from a height of 25m.

Pick up your delivery

With a speed of 50 km/h, with no traffic jams or traffic lights, we arrive at your location in a fraction of the usual delivery time.

We are currently launching a pilot program for drone shipping in your area. We invite you to be the first to enjoy this revolutionary service before everyone else. Join Now!


Drone Delivery

Making a dream come true


People often associate drones with cameras which raises privacy concerns. We deeply care about preserving your privacy, which means our drones carry no cameras whatsoever. Our system navigates using GPS and sensors only.

Keeping your privacy

Keeping your privacy

Our drones include extensive features to ensure safety. This includes hardware redundancies on multiple layers: motors, navigation, an autonomous parachute and a flight termination system. We've successfully conducted thousands of flights and are committed to the highest general aviation maintenance standards.

Safety First

Safe & Secure



Delivery area

Even Yehuda | Udim | Beit Yehoshua | Yakum | Kfar Netter | Lev Hasharon regional council | Netanya | Tel Itzhak

Available for private houses only

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Flytrex participates in the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) integration program for remote aircraft and works with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to create standards for drone shipments. For the past two years, the company has worked with the Iceland Aviation Authority (ICETRA) to promote drone shipments in Reykjavik.

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